Outsourcing / Why us?
High quality team with more than 20 experts and more than 15 consultants. X3M Labs has its own internal educational center that provides constant expanding and providing of knowledge, consistent and appropriate motivation for the staff as well as standardized criteria for employing the best professionals. X3M Labs is located in south-eastern Europe so the time difference is much smaller and much more acceptable for all the European and American companies, comparing with Indian and Chinese companies and companies from the Russian states as well. The time difference plays a significant role for those companies who have an interest in daily communication in the working process.
Through the years X3M Labs has built a solid base of experiences and knowledge from various business domains as Media Distribution, Content and Document Management, Communities and networks and Business Process Automation.


Who we are?

X3M Labs is an established Web Development Company, located in south-eastern Europe that delivers web development services to its clients all over the world. Existing for more than 8 years, X3M Labs amplifies its capacities and services every year.  With more than 30 accomplished experts, always on service to its clients, no matter if they are big corporations; start up companies or simply someone that has a need of professional internet solutions.


What can we do for you?

  • SW Development Services 
  • Web Enterprise systems
  • Building Software products and applications
  • IT Consulting


X3M Labs delivers comprehensive web solutions, starting from custom web design to complete enterprise internet solutions.  Our solutions are based strictly on Client Business requirements. We meld business logic with competitive knowledge of technologies and approved working methods, to create high quality result with cost-effective manner, with an aim to optimize the competitive advantage and to extract the greatest productivity.

How we do it?

We have a several approaches to collaboration:

  • Collecting offers and costumer requests and delivering whole product
  • We offer services for all levels of Project Development, starting from analysis, design, production, unit trial, to installation and servicing or only a service to particular activity of all above mentioned
  • If you are IT Company or you have IT section, we could work together with your software team or we could just do the whole project, using our resources
  • The work can be performed with our tools, we could use your recommendations or we could use fully your tools.
  • We can deal with the project strictly according to your specifications and documentations or we could use our creativity and play more active role in the creation of architecture based on your instructions and using our experience and knowledge
  • If you are interested in long–term cooperation, we could start with a trial project, so you could provide prove of concept, and than we could start the business cooperation, from the moment you’ll meet you expectations and feel satisfied.

This is not the final list because X3M Labs is a company that is always open for suggestions for other models of cooperation.


Quick Facts
Clients that repeat business with us:
The largest dedicated team:
17 specialists
The longest partnership:
From company start
Just to Mention

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.” Albert Einstein