Outsourcing / Why us?
High quality team with more than 20 experts and more than 15 consultants. X3M Labs has its own internal educational center that provides constant expanding and providing of knowledge, consistent and appropriate motivation for the staff as well as standardized criteria for employing the best professionals. X3M Labs is located in south-eastern Europe so the time difference is much smaller and much more acceptable for all the European and American companies, comparing with Indian and Chinese companies and companies from the Russian states as well. The time difference plays a significant role for those companies who have an interest in daily communication in the working process.


  • X3M Labs has built a solid base of experiences and knowledge from a variety of business verticals including, Media Distribution, Content and Document Management, On-Line Communities and Networks, and Business Process Automation.  
  • Agility and flexibility is in our DNA. We seamlessly adapt to changing IT trends while the depth of our experience allows us to manage legacy technologies with equal passion. 
Quick Facts
The longest partnership:
From company start
The largest dedicated team:
17 specialists
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