Through the years X3M Labs has built a solid base of experiences and knowledge from various business domains as Media Distribution, Content and Document Management, Communities and networks and Business Process Automation.

Outsourcing / Why us?

Main benefits from outsourcing with X3M Labs are:

  • High quality team with more than 30 experts and more than 15 consultants. X3M Labs has its own training and education center that insures our consultant’s skill-sets are up to date with the latest IT trends and developments.  
  • Located in southeastern Europe, X3M Labs is geographically closer to Western companies. This means less time lag and better communication channels. Compare the difference with Indian, Chinese and Russian outsourcing companies. If clear and transparent communication is important, there is no comparison. 
  • Past experience as a remote development center provides us with an institutional foundation that is unmatched.  Agile staff and resources allocation allows for efficient scalability and insures no project is too big or too small. Compare our rates and the quality of service. We’re confident that our results are second to none.
  • Flexibility and Scalability. 
    Our work in the past has provided us a great experience as a remote development center.  We are prepared to amplify our team and to recruit new teams with bringing in new technologies, with an aim to meet the demands of our customers as soon as possible.  We are always willing for development with new proposed technologies, with the shortest time of adjustment.
  • Strategy of cooperation
     - Adaptation of the working process to the new requirements and agreements
     - Exchange of knowledge and experience
     - Our priority is becoming your business partner rather than just providing a service for you 
  • The X3M Labs Advantage is professional IT services on demand. Why tie up valuable capital in today’s economy? Forget about expensive employee related overhead, with X3M Labs, satisfaction really is on demand.
Quick Facts
Clients that repeat business with us:
The longest partnership:
From company start
The largest dedicated team:
17 specialists
Just to Mention

“A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.” Scott Allen