X3M Labs capabilities are in range from full website design to custom and enterprise software development. We deliver technology solutions that help customers to increase productivity, as a result of our IT solutions. Our experience in multiple technologies allows us to suggest many options whereupon the customers would choose those that are most suitable for their requirements.
Outsourcing / Why us?
High quality team with more than 20 experts and more than 15 consultants. X3M Labs has its own internal educational center that provides constant expanding and providing of knowledge, consistent and appropriate motivation for the staff as well as standardized criteria for employing the best professionals. X3M Labs is located in south-eastern Europe so the time difference is much smaller and much more acceptable for all the European and American companies, comparing with Indian and Chinese companies and companies from the Russian states as well. The time difference plays a significant role for those companies who have an interest in daily communication in the working process.

Enterprise Solutions

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Solution: PPC Management Web Application for Agencies,Advertisers and Publishers
Industry: Online Advertisement (PPC,PPI)
Technology Domain: PHP,Ajax,JQuery
Technologies Used: PHP, JQuery, JQuery UI, AJAX, Zend Decoding, SSL

Enterprise platform for creating and controlling online marketing campaign. Brings Marketing Agencies, Advertisers and publishers in one place.


The systems brings three entities in one place. All Publishers including Marketing Agencies can create, manage, close and reactivate their online marketing campaigns. The payments on the campaigns can be made on click (PPC) or by impressions (PPI).
Publishers on the other hand can publish...

Solution: Multi-platform web based financial working solution intended to be used by small to large companies.
Industry: Financial Management
Technology Domain: J2EE
Technologies Used: J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, ExtJS, ExtDirect

SmartX is multi-platform web based accounting solution intended to be used by small to large companies.

Consists of several modules each serving different role in the application. The modules takes care of all cash flow records in a company such as invoices, import/export, expenses tracking e.t.c. The other module is responsible for all product related actions that take place in the company. Keeps track of all in, out and manufacturing of products offering supply reports for...

Solution: Online Web Building Enterprise Application
Industry: Content Management, Website Design
Technology Domain: PHP, Zend
Technologies Used: Zend Framework, PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, Jquery UI, Jquery, AJAX

Website Building online application tool for creating professional website in a stretch.

Build websites for personal, company and e-commerce use. Chose from hundreds of templates or create your own look.

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Solution: Enterprise solution for automating, accelerating, managing and securely control the movement of high-value digital content
Industry: Media Distribution/Share
Technology Domain: J2EE
Technologies Used: J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, ExtJS, DWR

A solution which provides chain management operations from production through distribution and upload of digital files – enabling customers to build new business models, reduce costs, and integrate with existing investments, supported with enhanced security and ability to automate and accelerate digital media movement.

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