X3M Labs capabilities are in range from full website design to custom and enterprise software development. We deliver technology solutions that help customers to increase productivity, as a result of our IT solutions. Our experience in multiple technologies allows us to suggest many options whereupon the customers would choose those that are most suitable for their requirements.
What can we do for you?
- SW Development Services
- Web Enterprise systems
- Building Software products and applications
- IT Consulting

The X3M Labs Advantage


  • Located in Macedonia, Europe, with flexible modus and methodology of working, close to the American and European standards with far lower prices 
  • Quality and expert team 
  • Flexibility in terms of technologies and quick adaptation to the technologies proposed by the client 
  • Internal educational center within the company that offers a constant improvement of the competence of the employees and adaptation to new technologies 
  • Always considerate the speed of implementation of the agreed services 
  • High competitive and low price in comparison to the American and European standards, for the same level of quality 
  • Avoidance of local duties and taxes


Quick Facts
Clients that repeat business with us:
The largest dedicated team:
17 specialists
The longest partnership:
From company start
Just to Mention

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” Albert Einstein